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When it comes to flea facts, do you come up to scratch? Circle the letter against which you think is the correct answer for each question. Answers below!

How many different species of fleas are there?

(a) Fewer than 20

(b) About 200

(c) More than 2,000

(d) More than 20,000

Under perfect conditions, how long is the average flea life cycle?

(a) 4 days

(b) 12 days

(c) 21 days

(d) 42 days

For every flea you see on a pet, how many more are there likely to be in the household?

(a) 2 or 3 times more

(b) 10 times more

(c) 100s of times more

(d) 1,000s times more

How high can the average flea jump?

(a) 7-12cm

(b) 18-30cm

(c) 41-45cm

(d) 52-60cm

Answer 1c 2c 3c 4b