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After looking at the cats on our website and hearing their stories, we hope you may feel inspired to offer one of them a home.   However much they love the cats they’re caring for, our fosterers will tell you that seeing them go off to a fresh start in a loving, new home is the most satisfying feeling in the world.  It’s what we’re here for and it makes the hard work worthwhile.

It’s because we care for our cats and because some of them have had a troubled past, that we do our utmost to ensure that each of them goes to a home where they and their new owners will be very happy together.  

So, if you’re interested in offering a home, the process is as follows:

You need to start the ball rolling by contacting our Homing Officer (01449 674584) and explaining whether you are interested in a particular cat or are open to ideas as to which cat might be most suitable for you.

She will ask you some questions about your family circumstances – not because she’s nosy - but because this will help her determine which cat might be the best fit.   For instance, some of them have been bullied by other cats or dogs in their previous home so need to be homed as an ‘only cat’ while kittens need attention so must be with a family where they will have company for most of the day.  Many older cats will be happy to be left on their own without any supervision whilst you are at work as long as they have a safe place to eat & sleep and have adequate toilet arrangements.Some cats love going outside and others barely put a paw through a cat flap.This all helps us ensure that the right cat goes to the right home.

We will then arrange a home visit.  Again, we’re not interested in your housekeeping skills – it just helps us to understand your home environment so we can match it to what we know about the cats in our care.

Once this has been successfully completed, you are welcome to visit some of our cats and we’ll explain which ones we think will be best suited to you.   We’ll tell you as much about them as we can and, if it’s love at first sight, you can either take one of them away with you or arrange a separate time to come and collect them.  There are a few forms to be filled in and we also ask for an adoption fee, this is £50 for one cat and £80 for two.

Incidentally we typically spend somewhere in the region of £125 on each cat we take in to ensure they are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. This doesn't  include extra treatment such as dentals or food and litter. There is no charge for TLC! This gives you the reassurance of knowing that your pet is in the best possible condition to start its new life with all these important costs already covered.  Obviously, if you’d like to make a larger donation to support our work, we’d be delighted.

We’ll keep in touch for the first few weeks to see how the cat is settling in and you are always welcome to call us with any problems or questions.  We’re happy to help and we love to know how our cats are getting on.

Tempted?   Go on, make a rescue cat’s day and make the call !  We have some wonderful cats all hoping for a new home and we know you won’t regret it.

Thank you!

You can contact our Homing Officer on 01449 674584